Maurice’s Mystic Surfers Healing Gardens…created by Mark A. Wyatt and a small team of talented helpers…

Mark strimming on a gorgeous summer day!


The pond that Mark and Rob built
Pampas grass and New Zealand flax
Zen style stone with Maurice’s labyrinth


Mark and Dex at Mystics last year May, 2012
A very hot day at Mystic Surfers. Mark and Dex take a break
Kevin on the Conference centre roof.
Kevin taking a breather from his roofing work.
Pixie at Mystic Surfers
Sitting by the wall. My beautiful daughter, Natasha-Angharad, who helped me for several years at Mystic Surfers
The Pixie swing I made!
Maurice and Simon, July 2014.
mullein at Mystics
Mullein at Mystics
Tasha at Mystics
As Maurice said when he saw this photo “There’s a little fairy in my garden!”
Rob and Mark, Mystics, July, 2010
In the early days, with Rob. We were like Morecambe and Wise….on our day possibly even funnier!
pond built by MARK AND ROB
The pond that Mark and Rob built
dex wall seat
Dex taking a break on the garden wall. We made a little cut out space up there so that we could look out to sea.
Maurice’s sleeping dragon
Hydrangea at MYSTICS
Beautiful hydrangea
camelias at Mystics
January at Mystics
Winter scene at Mystic Surfers
Dex had just made the slate surround for the dragon
dannys circle2
Summer 2014.
Mark at Mystics, July, 2010
Mark strimming the grass edges, in July 2010
laby 2
Maurice’s labyrinth
Fuschia at Mystics
Fuschia in the courtyard at Mystics
labyrinth at Mystic Surfers
Maurice’s labyrinth
Pan keeping a watchful eye on the gardens
The Witchy-poo
Another view of the Witchy-poo
Maurice always loved these gorse bushes, they reminded him of Horsell common, near where he was raised. I sculpted them in to these contorted shapes to match the Zen style stone in the labyrinth.
Tintagel etc 012
A beautiful shot of the pampas grasses
The Moon at Mystics, June 2010
The view from the original car park towards the Witchy-poo
One of my favourite photos of Mystic Surfers gardens, taken by Maurice I believe.
Another shot of Mark and Rob’s pond!
One of our earlier lavenders
Tintagel etc 010
Outdoor picnic area
Tasha at Mystic Surfers
The ‘faery’ doing a little weeding in a border!
The pond that Mark and Rob built at Mystics
Mark and rob’s pond….again!
Tashas camera pics 120
The ‘circle’ a few years ago.
the barn
A lovely view of the ‘barn’ where Maurice lived with his son Simon.
Tintagel etc 029
New Zealand Flax reaching maturity, it is huge!
Tintagel etc 013
Another view of the ‘barn’
The beautiful garden wall covered in ivy.
A Rat-stone, (or at least that’s what we called them back in rural Surrey.) They were used under old dwellings to raise the building off the ground to protect against rats.
One of the many standing stones that we erected over the years.
The picnic table at Mystics, 2011
Picnic ‘table’
Down by the kitchen, looking towards the ‘Mediterranean courtyard’.
Mys i
The hazel tree (in the centre), after it’s second move around the property. It was moved to make way for the conference centre first, and then again for a new gateway. It finally settled here. It has really thrived, it is now much bigger than you see it here.
Picnic area by the barn
Standing stones, looking towards where the conference centre now stands.
Witchy pooh Tintagel June 2013
Spring-time by the Witchy-poo
Tintagel etc 027
Witchy poo Sept 13
Tintagel etc 030
Work in progress!
Tintagel etc 028
Looking towards the veg area, the cherry tree is very young here.
Tintagel etc 031
The view down the lane towards the cliffs
Tintagel etc 026
A view towards Tintagel, you can see the ‘Camelot’ hotel.
Tintagel etc 025
A view from within the stone circle
Tintagel etc 023
Another view from inside the stone circle
Tintagel etc 022
Looking over the stone circle at the barn. This was taken by my daughter Natasha Angharad, and if you look closely you will see me mowing!
Tintagel etc 020
A quiet corner behind the Witchy-poo
Tintagel etc 017
The hazel after it’s 3rd move. It is now so much bigger!
Tintagel etc 018
The pond.
Tintagel etc 016
Tintagel etc 019
Witchy poo Sept 13
Witchy Poo at Mystics
DEx mystics
Dex at Mystics
A younger Dex, just after he started working with his Dad.
Earlier days at Mystics, 2010
An early view of the stone-circle.
Brucei Forsythia, and cherry tree at Mystics
The Cherry tree when young with the Forsythia. The Forsythia is a “Anthea Turnerii Giveusatwirleii“. (Some of you Brits of a certain age might get that!)
August at Mystics again, 2011
Summer shot of the gardens
A corner of Mystics, Aug 2011
Looking from the veg area towards the Witchy-poo.
Bonfire at Mystics, 2011
Mid-summer bonfire at Mystics, 2011.
Echium Mystics
Behind the Witchy-poo.
The wooden hare stands sentinel over the gardens in the early spring.
The stone circle.
Beautiful lavender.
Maurice’s hare.
Tintagel etc 027
Well earned rest at Mystic Surfers
Mark, taking a well earned rest!

Note; Any written work, music, images or videos that Mark Anthony Wyatt has created, remains his personal intellectual property!


millstone at Mystics Aug 2013
A Rat-stone. We found it chucked in a wild corner and thought it was too nice to waste. It was a hell of a job to move it!
These fellas were busy mining by the Witchy poo. Thanks to my friend Julie Bryant for this photo!
Not quite sure who he was, any ideas? Thanks to Julie again for this photo too.
Tree decorations in Mystic Surfer’s gardens. Thanks to Julie for the photo!
These guys were on gargoyle duty on the old barn. Thanks for the photo Julie!
Let sleeping dragons lie? This photo, like so many others on this page, dedicated to the gardens at Mystic Surfers, was taken by my friend Julie Bryant. This is very apt because she runs her own business, (putting on guest speakers on the ‘Spirituality/healing’ circuit), and that business is called ‘Naked Dragon Events’. Julie is Welsh by birth, which brings us back to the Welsh Dragon, although it’s fair to say that she’s more your Welsh princess type!
Maurice serious
Maurice Willmott. The Mystic Surfer’s healing garden was his dream. From their earliest beginnings, when the garden was…..well, anything but a garden, (it was just an overgrown field full of old tractor and car parts), he was the owner. Although he saw himself more in a role of custodian of this small piece of land, encouraging others, including random passers by, to ‘come on in and relax in our garden’. Without Maurice there would be no ‘Mystic Surfers Gardens’. I salute you Maurice, you were a man of vision…….and we who knew you and loved you…..still miss you. Mystic Surfers is a part of your legacy to us…..



2 thoughts on “Maurice’s Mystic Surfers Healing Gardens…created by Mark A. Wyatt and a small team of talented helpers…”

  1. Thank you soooooo much for these beautiful photos. I only knew Maurice for a very short time before his passing over, yet I feel I have known him for always. At our first meeting he called me his ‘twin’ and that stuck. He will always be my ‘Twin’. Lots of love to you and all who have this place sooo very beautiful, thank you thank you. ❤️

  2. Dearest Mark,

    Thank you so much for creating this beautiful montage of photos of Maurice’s treasured gardens that you so lovingly created together over the years.

    I feel joyous and sad in equal measure looking through these images. Like you my lovely friend, I miss Maurice more than words can say and I feel the pain of his loss every day even though I know he is still with us and laughing at our crazy attempts at making some sort of sense of life knowing that no matter hard hard we try we will never understand what we signed up for until we’ve signed out!

    Bless you for the photo credits Mark. I’d forgotten that I’d taken most of these!

    Here’s to enjoying every precious moment of life in the way that Maurice demonstrated right up until the day of his passing. With LOVE <3

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