Maurice’s Remembrance services at Bodmin and Trelay in Cornwall.

Maurice does Skype
I just LOVE this photo of Maurice, it just sums him up!!

But first……my (Facebook) thoughts on the day that I heard my old mate Maurice had died….

“A dreadful day today. We all knew it was coming, but it’s still a nasty shock when it does finally happen. Our lovely friend of many years, (in my case 34), the generous, funny, unconventional, hippy rebel who took no bullshit from the authorities, the spiritual, visionary light worker, the talented musician, the surfer, the ‘action man’. And yes, if I’m honest, the ever so slightly bonkers …Maurice Willmott, once of Woking, later of Tintagel, has died after a long and truly heroic fight against Motor Neurone disease.

He was only in his late 50s. Throughout his epic battle he kept smiling and cracking his jokes and friendly insults. In latter days, when he had lost his true voice, these were delivered via his keypad in a very strange artificial posh accent! It was an honour to be told at the end of the day, (in jest), to “Fu** O**” by Maurice in his newly acquired accent, an accent that was so “lah-de-dah” that it made Prince Charles sound like a bloke off an east end council estate.

As he gradually wasted away the light in his eyes always continued to shine. Shine on you crazy diamond Maurice! That guy was pretty special. I hope that if I ever have to suffer like he did then I will be as brave as he has been, and carry the pain with the same great dignity.

We had so many happy times together. In the early years they were at Evans family parties in Surrey, (my in-Laws). I had met Maurice through my brother- in- law Simon, they were once best mates. Years later Maurice moved down to Tintagel, not that far from me in Bude, where we had many, many more great laughs together……talking, gardening, drinking, eating, hill-walking, building and surfing. I have lost another friend. He has left another huge hole that just cannot be replaced.

It is worth saying that many of the things, that some people of a more unimaginative outlook on life, sneered at Maurice for saying a few years ago, are now accepted in the ‘mainstream’ culture as self-evident! He was in some ways ahead of the curve in his sharing of new alternative knowledge and he waited patiently for others to catch up. R.I.P. The one and only Maurice….We LOVE ya!!”

and here are some of the lovely comments about Maurice that flowed in………..

  • “Sorry to hear this Mark. X.”
    “He sounds like a great bloke it is good to have known. x.”
    “Sending love and hugs to you all…so sorry to hear this sad news.”

    Ayse Kilic 

    “Rest in peace Maurice. My condolences to his family. He tried to bring peace and love to this crazy world all the time. It’s a big loss. Heart is bleeding.”
    “Oh so sad. Bless him on his journey home, love to you in your sadness, Mark and family.” 
    “Sorry for your loss Mark, never met Maurice but had a few chats on here with him. Rip Maurice.”
    “Great tribute.”
    “What a heart felt tribute mark. It was a great honour to play some music for him in the summer. Even though he couldn’t speak then you could feel the positive aura surrounding him. Finch played a tribute song for him at band practise last night. Xxx. “
    “So sorry to hear that Mark.”
    “A lovely tribute to Maurice, Mark and so well summed him up. Many hugs and lots of Love to you at this sad time although he is free from suffering now and is free to carry on his great light work. XX.” 
    “Sorry to hear that, Mark. Thoughts with his family.”

    Lisa Pearlanta 

    “Wonderfully chosen words, thank you again Mark, ahead of his time in so many ways. He is with other masters now, keeping good company for sure. His radiance will always shine and be felt by so many. ! Love to you too, and your family!”
    “I didn’t know him well but he has added colour to my life. Karma free, enjoy your flight. Love, love, love!”

    Warren Smith.

    “Maurice was an amazing and inspiring guy, I only regret I never got the chance to meet him in person.”

    Barbara Luzi 

    “Same here. Missing that LOVE.”
    “So sorry to hear about Maurice, thoughts to his family and his many friends. xx.”
    “Sorry to hear that Mark. Thanks for introducing Maurice to us.”
    “Sorry to hear that Mark, sending a BIG hug to you all xxx.”
    “So sorry to hear this news. I wish I had had the chance to know Maurice better. I love the photos you posted and so glad to have read your lovely tribute to this very special man.”
    “Well said, and well written, Mark. Do you remember when he gave us that amazing pep talk before we played at his birthday do at the ‘Bethel and Chisel’? We were so nervous, it was uncanny, my nerves just evaporated.”

    Jackie Dunn

    “What a beautiful share. For me, Maurice is and continues to be a very special man. I spent and celebrated my 60th birthday with a bunch of women on a very private retreat. Everyone loved Maurice and his presences continues …… he was funny, special and very much a one-off. And I am living abroad and will not be there to say goodbye to his form. Yeh to Maurice! xxx.”

and here’s my (Facebook) Tribute to my friend Maurice after his funeral service…..



“We all gathered to say our final “Goodbyes” to our lovely friend Maurice at Bodmin crematorium yesterday, (well on this “level” anyway). It was a pleasant service in a beautiful Cornish location. Thankfully there was just the one hymn, “All things bright and beautiful”. It was deliberately sung quite appallingly, Maurice would have liked that! There were cool tributes by his son Simon Willmott , Brian Davis, and the pastor, David Flanders, who also did him proud by not swamping Maurice’s spiritual leanings with his own. Brian, always an interesting guy, turned up looking like a cross between a wild Scottish clansman and a French artist with his beret, a shawl, and his big bushy beard. As he said “You may be wondering why I am stood before you dressed like this on today of all days. The reason of course is because it is completely in-appropiate, and Maurice would have liked it that way.” Brilliant Brian!! Emily White, in a packed chapel charged with emotion, picked at her acoustic guitar beautifully and sang like an angel. Maurice Willmott bowed out with ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ and ‘What a wonderful World’. Two songs that summed up his thoughts on life. The World this morning is slightly less wonderful for his passing, but also more wonderful for him having been here to brighten the lives up of all those who knew him. So as Maurice reminded us all, “In every life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double, so don’t worry, be happy!” Cheers Maurice, see you at the bar in ‘Heaven’ one day…. bring your guitar……………………………….. mines a “Tribute! xxx.”

and here are some more lovely comments……

Audrey Evans

“I wish I’d met him. A wonderful tribute Mark.”


  • “Well summed up Mark and it sounded like a wonderful service and worthy of Maurice.  We will all miss Maurice but I feel he is still there with his lovely smile and positive attitude dancing in the heavens. Many happy thoughts. XXX.”
    “So sad to miss the service, thanks Mark for summarising it. x.”
    “Great tribute Mark glad all went well see you soon take care, Matt.”
    Andy Whelan
    “You put it so well Mark, as always!”
    “What a great piece of writing about your last goodbye to an old friend. Sounds like Maurice has a bunch of talented and gloriously irreverent friends. I reckon you’ve done him proud too.”
    “From your heart Mark – a lovely tribute to a dear friend of yours. Xx.”

    Annie Heggie 

    “What a lovely tribute to Maurice wish I had met him other than on fb & been able to go to his funeral. Hope to visit Cornwall next year. Thank you Mark & hugs to Simon. x “. 
    “What a beautiful summary of the day Mark. Thank you for sharing, from your heart as always. I’m sure that Maurice would have enjoyed every moment!” X

    The Trelay Ceremony……

    We also held a ceremony at Trelay farm,  near Crackington Haven, a few days later, to remember our dear friend Maurice Willmott. The Trelay Eco-Community had done so much to help Julie Bryant and myself to organise Maurice’s weekend just a few months earlier in July. Thank you Margot Oakenby, Sophie Walker, Danny Allen, Roger Wade, John Dickinson, Jackie Carpenter, Christine, (and anybody else that I may have forgotten), for organising Maurice’s ceremony, and for your wonderful hospitality too. Thanks also to all of those who were able to attend and to Kevin Dalton for making such a hot brazier in ‘Helen’s Hut’! Maurice would have enjoyed it. I appreciate you all taking the time out of your busy schedules to remember Maurice, and for all the lovely memories of Maurice that you shared . Thanks also to Alison for the lovely poetry reading…….  and the great music from Roger, John and Dex.

    P.S……The following piece was written by Julie Bryant and posted on the Facebook page of Hay House Publishers in March, 2015, in relation to encouraging people to celebrate people’s lives BEFORE they pass on, just as she did for our friend Maurice…….

    Julie Bryant‎ to Hay House Publishing 

    “I totally agree with your comments about not leaving it too late to pay tribute to someone after they’ve gone and the importance of telling someone how much they mean to us while they are still here with us.

    I had the great honour to do just this last year for a very dear friend of mine, Maurice Willmott, who was in the last stages of Motor Neurone disease. I’d known Maurice for many years and loved him dearly. He was a huge inspiration to me and many others with his generous spirit and loving kindness, which he regularly demonstrated by his thoughtfulness towards others and his daily ‘LOVE’ posts on FB!

    His greatest wish was to have completed the building of his ‘Mystic Surfers’ centre in Cornwall, UK where he intended to hold a series of inspirational talks and performances, which he had kindly asked me to organise on his behalf when the centre was completed.

    Sadly, this wasn’t to be as Maurice ran out of funds to complete the building just before being diagnosed with MND. When I went to Cornwall to visit him last Spring, he had lost his voice and was communicating using his iPad as he told me how sad he was to have ‘failed’ in bringing his dream to fruition.

    As he was sharing his sadness with tears in his eyes, I had a vision of helping to make his dream a reality as a way of paying tribute to this very special man.

    Enlisting his best friend, Mark Anthony Wyatt, and some other amazing people, together we transformed the half completed building into a stunning venue for a weekend’s gathering of his friends and family last July where everyone had the opportunity to pay their personal tributes and listen to some fantastic music and performances.

    Seeing the look of delight on Maurice’s face as he painstakingly made his way into his centre to be greeted by a sea of loving faces as he realised that indeed his dream had come true, was one of the most beautiful moments of my life and the memories of that magical weekend will stay with me forever.

    Sadly Maurice left this world on 27th November 2015.

    His friend Mark has kindly put this gallery of images together for us to enjoy as we remember our dear friend and those who loved him so very much.

    We will always LOVE you Mystic Maurice!  xxx



    R.I.P. Maurice…..”LOVE!”

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  1. Just heard the news, worked with Maurice a number of years ago in Chertsey. When the company was folding he ran reiki session at reduced rates for us. It help me get through a bad time. R.I.P. Another star for heaven.

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