‘Mystic Surfers’ Festival, July 2014, Tintagel, (in honour of our good friend Maurice Willmott, who had M.N.D., and would soon pass away.

Brian Davis. One of Maurice’s many friends who made long journeys to be with him on his special weekend. He made a fantastic speech, (which he claimed he made up as he went along!) A talented man.
Dexter Wyatt playing guitar in a very smokey Witchy-poo!
Morgan T. Davis on guitar and Dexter P.R. Wyatt on….errrm….well….a Cornish Pasty!


Ethan Willmott with his uncle Simon (Willmott).
Ali with Harry Otto, (my daughter Natasha-Angharad’s partner), with Dave Gillham behind them.
Dexter P.R. Wyatt on guitar, with Morgan T Davis just about to add a touch of harmonica.
Dexter P.R. Wyatt, Morgan T.Davis and Danny Allen.


Morgan T.Davis, Dexter P.R. Wyatt and Danny Allen in the smokey Witchy poo!


Dex and Morga1n
Dexter P.R. Wyatt and Morgan T. Davis!


Morgan Dex Dan and Rog
Playing Lennon and McCartney’s “With a little help from our friends” are Morgan, Dex, Dan and Roger.
Adam and family
Maurice’s son Adam, with Ethan, Olivia, Natalie and Aunty Liz.
‘Finch’. Sarah Mettam, and Debbie and Andy Whelan.
Sophie Walker and Danny Allen. Two great vocalists. Sophie was also one of the kind nurses who looked after Maurice.
Danny Allen.
sop and Dan and Ivy Rose
Sophie with little Ivy, Danny Allen on guitar, and Roger Wade behind him on the fiddle!


singing Beatles
From the left...Julie Bryant, Margot Oakenby, Marilyn Lovelace, Dora, Brian Davis, Karina Holleeder, Bradley Wyatt and me, Mark Anthony Wyatt. We were singing “All you need is love”. Danny Allen is behind Bradley, playing guitar.
Ali and Bradders
Ali with my youngest lad Brad.
Karina Holleeder, Marilyn Lovelace, Imtiaz Hussain, Penny Lovelace and Damien Deighan.
Jackie C
Jackie Carpenter, with her partner Roger Wade to her right, two guests from the Trelay community, who so kindly helped us with materials and other help for Maurice’s big weekend.


Chris Paradox on stage. (He’s a one legged, black, existentialist beat poet, his words, not mine!) He put on a great show and was very popular. Check out that amazing jacket!
children in grounds
Ethan Willmott, Maurice’s grandson, and his little friend in the ‘Mystic Surfers’ stone circle.
An improvised quiet corner at ‘Mystics’. The big cushions were given to me by Maurice’s friend Chris Hutchens, he was stripping out an old caravan and had put them in to a skip!
Damien and Imtiaz
Damien Deighen, with his partner Imtiaz to his right.
Dave G
Dave Gillham from Truro, another great friend of Maurices.
Julie Bryant used her amazing versatility and artistic flair to make various items that were laying around the site in to something far more attractive. This ‘dressing’ was also done with borrowed and donated items, many of which were kindly loaned, or given to us, by the Trelay Eco-Community from near-by Trelay Farm, near Crackington Haven.
Julie’s designer skills again!
Dora, with Kevin Dalton behind her, possibly waiting for the bar to open. Only joking Kev!
A quiet contemplative moment by Kev’s master-piece fire for Dora.
Sarah Mettam on flute, Debbie Whelan, and Andy Whelan on Ukelele, or perhaps it it his guitar after he put it through the washing-machine on the wrong setting?  They are collectively known as ‘Finch’ and Maurice loved them!
Kev’s master-piece again!
Another nice shot of Kev’s fireplace!
ju and Maur
Julie Bryant and Maurice Willmott. Old friends from their Surrey days.
J and M
Jayne Warton, Maurice’s partner, and Maurice. To the right is Pippa, one of  a few sweet, caring, lovely nurses who looked after Maurice so well throughout his illness. (Another one was Sophie Walker), sorry I can’t recall all of their names!
j and Margot
Julie Bryant and Margot Oakenby. Margot is a lady from the Trelay Community. She played a big part in making the weekend so successful.
Julie Bryant making a speech.
Karina Holleeder
Karina Holleeder, who travelled from Amsterdam to be with Maurice on his special weekend.
Karina Holleeder
kar, Mau and Ju
Maurice flanked by two beauties! Karina and Julie.
Kevin Dalton, the man who literally put the HUGE roof on the ‘Mystic Surfer’s’ Conference Centre.
Liz Willmott, Maurice’s sister. Liz travelled all the way from New Zealand to be with her brother.
Maurice with little Olivia, his grand-daughter.
Maurice and his devoted sister Liz.
Margot Oakenby. She played a huge part in making the weekend so successful.
Maurice with Marilyn Lovelace, an old friend from his Woking days.
Marilyn and Julie
Marilyn and Julie.
Marilyn Lovelace, who, along with her daughter Penny Lovelace, did so much to help  organise the event for Maurice.
The stage that Kevin, Julie and Mark built. All prepared and waiting to welcome the performers to entertain us all!
Simon Willmott. Simon helped a lot to make the weekend go so well.
Roger Wade from the Trelay community. Roger shared his musical talents with us all.
Penny Lovelace
people arriving
The gathering begins…
mystic card
Some artwork made on the day.



This had been Maurice’s ‘dream’, to create a beautiful healing centre, with very pretty gardens and helpful staff/volunteers, where people could come to unwind and re-build their energies via various alternative treatments, plenty of rest, good company and food. Sadly some very unscrupulous people ripped him off financially before he could complete his quest, and then, shortly afterwards, he developed his M.N.D., it was no co-incidence in my view. He was unable to finish his ‘dream’ and the illness then quickly ravaged him.  We wanted our mate Maurice to experience his healing centre as he had envisioned it, full of good people that he loved, his friends old and new, all coming together to give him a great send off. BEFORE he died. It worked, he really loved that weekend and spoke of it often, (via his voice-machine), in the few months that he had left after the party. By the end of November that year he had gone from our lives forever.
Maurice and Karina.
Danny, Marilyn, Dora and Brian. Oh, and some lanky geezer in the background too.
Msarilyn readiong
Danny, Marilyn, (doing a reading), and Dora.
Morgan on stage
Morgan T.Davis, on stage, my beautiful daughter Natasha-Angharad and Ali Wyatt dancing, with Esau in the foreground, a lovely lad, (Damien and Imtiaz’s son.)
morgan and Dex
Morgan T. Davis, Dexter P.R. Wyatt and Danny Allen in the Witchy-poo. All three performed throughout the weekend. Everybody loved them.
Morgan T. Davis playing Dylan’s brilliant “Tangled up in blue.”
More of Julie’s design work to pretty up the unfinished building, with Jimi Hendrix, one of Maurice’s musical heroes, taking centre-stage.
Marilyn Lovelace.
maurice and Chris
Chris Paradox and Maurice. They had never met before but took to each other immediately like old friends. A shame they hadn’t met much earlier.
Some of Julie’s flair again, the pleated blinds behind were mostly fitted by Mark. They were all supplied, free of charge, by Danny and the Trelay community.
maurice arrs
Maurice arriving…he was blown away by the amazing transformation of a building that had never quite been finished. He was very emotional, (as were we all, on seeing the joy on his face).
maurtice drum
touching moment
Maurice and Esau. It was a touching moment when they met.
Natalie and daughter
Natalie, Maurice’s daughter-In-law, and  little Olivia, his grand-daughter.
Simon Willmott and his niece Olivia.
Damien, Esau and Maurice
Maurice making a very funny, and touching, speech to us all by using his ‘voice-machine’, (he had been unable to speak for along time).
Maurice with some of his many friends.
Aryanna Japhayel.
Ann and
 Ann Simmonds Fisher, and Derek.



Maurice Willmott and his eldest son Simon. Maurice fought a long, hard, brave battle against a cruel disease, and throughout he always maintained his dignity and sense of humour. He finally died on November the 27th, 2014, just a few months after the festival that we put on for him. He told us that the event  was “The happiest day of his life”.
Mark with Kev at Maurices party 2014
Kevin Dalton, (builder supreme, huge fireplaces and snoring a speciality), and Mark, playing around after a drink or three!
Mark n Ali singing with Finch
Ali Wyatt, (guesting), Sarah Mettam, Debbie Whelan, Mark Anthony Wyatt ( also guesting, I used to be in their band a few years earlier), and Andy Whelan.
Kev and Simon
Kevin Dalton and Simon Willmott.
Mark, arriving on stage with Finch!

Sarah Mettam, Debbie Whelan, Mark, and Andy Whelan. (I had just played Bob Dylan’s “North Country Girl”)


Kevin Dalton
Kevin Dalton.
Karina, Kev, Penny, Julie and Me
Karina Holleeder, Kevin Dalton, Penny Lovelace, Julie Bryant (who co-organised the festival), and Mark Anthony Wyatt.
Copy (9) of Tash, Ali, Brad and Harry
My daughter Natasha-Angharad, Ali,  my youngest son Bradley, and my daughter’s boyfriend, Harry Otto.
Mark at Maurices party
Mark, attempting to cut a photo in a straight line whilst looking at a camera.
The stage-set, built by Kevin Dalton, Julie Bryant and Mark. The Posters, lighting, flowers, general magnificent ambience, etc, etc, were all by Julie Bryant, the sound system was by Danny Allen, the pleated blinds on the walls, mostly by Mark. The Carpets, chairs, etc were supplied ‘free of charge’ by the wonderful Trelay community. Thanks!
Mystics Kev's fireplace
The fantastic Fireplace that Kevin built. What a skilled craftsman! What a nice geezer. World class at snoring too……
Orbs at Mystics
The Orbs checking us all out, probably to see what all the fuss was about. Also, check out Kevin’s superb roof timber work!
Another picture of the stage-set. Note the pretty fairy lights by Julie Bryant, along with the ‘LOVE’ motif, which was Maurice’s catchphrase…….”Love!”



Mmaurices big day
His light shines on. Maurice Willmott. We will always miss you! “Love!”

4 thoughts on “‘Mystic Surfers’ Festival, July 2014, Tintagel, (in honour of our good friend Maurice Willmott, who had M.N.D., and would soon pass away.”

  1. Thank you Mark for creating such a beautiful tribute page to our dear friend Maurice. It was an honour to have co-created the Mystic Surfers Festival with you and to have helped to make Maurice’s dream come true. His constant unconditional LOVE touched many lives and I miss him dearly.

  2. Dear Mark, what a lovely album you created to continue to remember our dear Maurice, my ever sweet ‘Twin’. I too was there that day in a spirit of LOVE❤️, from across the ‘pond’ in Minnesota, USA. LOVE TO YOU ALL.

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