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You know how it is, I’d be very surprised if you  haven’t had this sort of experience too at some stage in your life. Try to picture the scene……It is a beautiful day. You are sitting in your garden, or perhaps on a beach. The Sun is warming your face. You are happy. You are content. You are at ease. Suddenly everything feels just right in your world. You are having one of those rare moments of complete clarity. You feel that you are on the verge  of finally understanding what life is all about, and why we are all here on this beautiful planet. But that sacred knowledge that you feel you are just on the cusp of finally grasping is just so elusive….. that you can’t….. quite…. reach it. It is frustrating. It is a similar feeling to the one that you have when you know the word that you are searching for in your memory banks, but you can’t quite remember it. It is so close and yet still so far away!

What do you mean you have never felt like that? Too busy to think about such things, huh? As a gardener I am prone to moments like those when I’m pottering about in gardens. I think it is maybe because we gardeners are so close to nature. Our working lives are dominated by the seasons. We see them all close-up and personal. We see them come and go. The natural cycle of all things. We put our plants in the soil. We tend to them. We watch them grow. We also see them die. But that’s ‘O.K.’ because their offspring will pop up in the spring and the cycle will start over.

Recently I got to thinking how lovely life could be if we just tried to stay focussed on just the ‘moment’ that we are living. To try to stay in the ‘now’. Forget yesterday. It’s done and dusted! You can’t change what happened, or didn’t happen. Forget tomorrow. It will be with you soon enough. Don’t wish your life away! Enjoy the company of all of those around you. Stare like a crazy man, (or woman), at your own offspring occasionally, (but not too much, as it might really freak them out!) Take in all of their beauty and take some credit for what you see, think to yourself “I created her/him!” (‘O.K.,’ so we all know that you had a bit of help!)

The following is just some of my thinking on what I call the ‘bigger picture’. I’m not saying I’m right. I really don’t know anymore than anybody else. It’s just my best guess and it makes a bit of sense to me!

We are all little ‘gods’, whether we like it or not. We are all co-creators. No, please don’t give up on this piece yet, don’t worry I’m not going to get all religious, or blasphemous, on you. Quite the opposite.  I knew from an early age that the religion that I had been born into, (Christianity, Church of England), like all of the other options on offer, had misinterpreted the whole ‘god’ question, or, perhaps closer to the truth, Christianity had been misinterpreted by some of those who followed its doctrines. Having said that it also helped mould me into the decent, caring man I am today, although most of the credit should rightfully go to my Mum and Dad! At the age of twelve, I discovered Erich Von Daniken’s books, and they confirmed my own suspicions. I was, and frankly I still am, amazed that the clergy in the church, establishment educated people, hadn’t put the pieces together years earlier themselves and come to similar conclusions. They just didn’t get it. Or perhaps they did, and they were just keeping it to themselves in order to stay in their cosy, safe careers? For me ‘they’, the so called ‘gods’ that they lectured us on from the pulpit every Sunday, and the great teachers like Jesus, were probably from somewhere else in the universe and they had visited the earth to spread their own civilisation, use our natural resources or teach us the power of love. Already at that age,  with the help of researchers like Erich, I had seen all the ‘clues’ to previous visitors from other planets. It just seemed so obvious to me, and frankly it still does.

I know of a lady who is of a very high rank in the C.of E., (she must be very high up because she gets to wear one of those rocket shaped hats on special occasions!) She is a decent, caring human being too but very trapped in her narrow paradigm. I saw the way she looked at my U.F.O. book collection, and then me, when she visited a few years ago! She probably thinks that I am totally bonkers for believing in such things, and that I need ‘saving’! These people blindly accept the miracle stories in the Bible without ever thinking them through. What they referred to as ‘miracles’ were more likely just very advanced technologies. I wonder if it ever crossed that lady’s mind where the idea of a bishop’s mitre originally came from?

I once knew a professor of chemistry, he was about the same age as me. We had a chat about U.F.O.s  in the pub one night. As I set out my case he listened patiently with his establishment educated brain and bits of rubber stamped paper telling him that he was superior, whilst simultaneously he was no doubt mentally already preparing his putdown. I finished my little opening gambit, leant back in my pub pew and took a sip of my lovely, warm ‘Timothy Taylor’s’ bitter. He looked across the table at me in a fatherly, patronising way and said “But Mark, don’t you understand that it is impossible, how would they get here?” His ‘education’ had told him it was impossible, and therefore it was. Of course they were capable of getting here. Why do these narrow minded people always assume that we are at the forefront of science? Anywhere? Ever? Our visitors would have been far more advanced than us of course. They would have seemed like ‘gods’ to the neanderthals or peasants who witnessed them. They had probably been created long before us, and had perhaps eventually created us, or maybe they had just adapted what they found already living here! Maybe they still keep an eye on us like any other kind, caring parents.   We may be their children; (Our Father who art in heaven anyone?) and like any good parents they want us to grow up and go out into the wider universe, when we are ready, to spread love and creation ourselves. Just like they did. It’s simple really. In my experience these establishment types, despite, (or maybe because of) their expensive educations, have got tunnel vision. They have been brain-washed to never lift the lid off of that box that they live in, to see the world from other non-mainstream perspectives. If they weren’t taught something at university or college then, in their opinion, it does not exist and is not even worthy of proper investigation. Religions are, in my opinion, disempowering, they are mostly about going down on your knees, prostrating yourself on the floor, and saying “Oh, please forgive me for this, and please forgive me for that, and I am not worthy, blah, blah” like uneducated peasants still living in the dark ages. We all need to take our personal power back with which we were blessed, and use it to create  something good. It’s all nature, like flower seeds blowing in the wind, or explorers ‘discovering’ the ‘new’ world, but  on a far grander scale. Our seeds will one day spread from planet to planet.

I was recently thinking about what might happen to us when our earthly body dies; (not for the first time), and about the possibility that we all live on in some other better place, perhaps in an alternate dimension. In modern day ‘game- speak’ you could call it progressing to the next level.  I want to believe that there is something very pleasant to follow this life, and that we will meet our loved ones again, all of those lovely people, and our pets, who predeceased us. Is that just wishful thinking on my part? Perhaps it is. But I’m not going to just blindly accept our current 21st century science as ‘evidence’ that there is nothing for us to look forward to except darkness and oblivion. The experts once told us that the world was flat.  Get my point? Science will always evolve it is it’s very nature, it doesn’t stand still.

Maybe we will live on in some  kind of astral form, (well we can’t use the same knackered physical body that we used here on earth can we?) Perhaps we will all re-incarnate as ‘somebody else’ next time around. Our consciousness might get put back on this planet in a different body, or maybe on another planet in our solar system, or perhaps even in another solar system, or  another dimension, and at any point in time. I say ‘any point in time’ because time probably does not exist on a linear level as we experience it here in our earthly, three dimensional physical form.

Perhaps time is circular and we are all part of an ‘eternal return’? Now there’s a thought, maybe we just keep repeating the same life over and over until we finally ‘wake-up’ to it and then progress up to the next level. (Deja vu anybody?) Who knows? Not me. I haven’t got a clue. None of us do. If anybody says that they do know for sure then they are obviously deluded, and you really should avoid them. No, really, you should!  I’m not sure which is the worse kind of ‘expert’, those who try to sell you their religion or the ‘old school’ Darwinist scientist types who will not budge from their own out-dated myopia. Has nobody ever told them about the advances in quantum physics?

So, you may be thinking, where does all of this ranting and philosophising leave me on this topic, at the end of this little essay where I have asked far more questions than given answers, and where does it leave me on the biggest mystery of them all? Well my view is about the same as Iris Dement’s, (one of my favourite musicians). She wrote this very pretty and very wise little song. It is called “Let the mystery be”. And that’s what I think I will try to do too. Not that I will ever stop thinking about it. Here’s Iris in all her loveliness…….please listen to these wise words. She puts it far better than I ever could, and she’s far, far cuter too!



Written By Mark Anthony Wyatt

February, 2015. Edited June, 2015. ‘It’s a Dark, Dark Night!’

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