Paranormal Investigation Team Meet-Up on Dartmoor!

Well that was a good day. I met up with Michael William’s Paranormal Investigation team, the longest running and best group of its kind in the country. ‘Paranormal Investigation’ don’t do the ‘Scooby Doo’ type of ‘investigations’ so popular on the T.V. these days, their approach is far more intelligent and mature, taking in lots of historical research and local knowledge. Michael, if you didn’t already know, is a prolific Cornish author, (his latest is about Daphne Du Maurier and her sisters, but he has dozens of supernatural books to his name too), he is also a journalist for the ‘Cornish Guardian’, a publisher, a Cornish Bard, and a very long established and experienced paranormalist among other things.
We all met up across the border in Sourton (Devon), on the edge of Dartmoor, and then travelled in convoy over to Meldon. Meldon is a very pretty area with loads of industrial history. We were fortunate enough to have our own local expert guide with us, Mike Wreford. While we walked on the moor with Mike, he was telling us all about the fascinating history of the area, (lime kilns, glass works, copper and tin mining, quarrying etc.) We were briefly joined by a passing retired Dartmoor farmer/landowner friend of Mikes, who just happened to be passing by with his dogs, and he gave us even more history and detail.
From there we all headed back to the amazing, and very haunted ‘Highwayman Inn’ at Sourton, where we had a good pub lunch and lots of interesting conversations. I was lucky enough to be sat at a table in the dark, spooky pub, with, among others, a lady called Pamela, who was Colin Wilson’s secretary for many years, and she had some great stories to tell about Colin
‘s life and career. All to soon the gathering came to an end, I look forward to the next one at an old manor house in North Cornwall in November.

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