Wyatt’s Weird World!

Mark’s first Book is now available on Amazon! It’s called ‘Wyatt’s Weird World!’

Mark was born right at the beginning of the so called ‘swinging 60s’, but the only swinging he ever did was from a rope hanging from an old oak tree at the bottom of his garden. He was fortunate enough to be raised in the beautiful rural Tillingbourne Valley, in the south east of England.

As a very young lad, his Mum and Dad  read him bedtime stories, these had included the likes of Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ books, Capt. W.E. John’s ‘Biggles’ series, and the Arabian Nights tales of ‘Ali Baba’. But one early evening in the mid-sixties, his Dad told him a story that would change his life. It was his yarn about a creepy nocturnal encounter with a ‘glittery man’ riding a bicycle, the terrifying apparition of a dead gunpowder worker! Later that night Mark just couldn’t get to sleep due to the image of the ghostly gunpowder worker. His Dad’s spooky story had, quite unintentionally, sent Mark off on a long, creepy, dark, winding road, and it is a road on which, 50 years later, he still travels!
Mark would regularly come away from Guildford library with a bag full of ghost story collections. The ‘Biggles’ books were soon consigned to the past, and he moved on to stories by writers such as M.R. James, H.P. Lovecraft and W.W. Jacobs.
There is an old maxim that says ‘if you take an interest in the paranormal, it will take an interest in you’, and that has certainly been the case for Mark. He began to experience the occasional strange event in his home, the surrounding countryside, and even while on holiday many miles away. As he matured, his reading matter significantly expanded, it now included books by authors such as Colin Wilson, Michael Williams, and Brad Steiger.
He bought his first property in 1983, and in that little flat, and in every home that he has lived in ever since, in Surrey,  up in Northumberland, and down to Cornwall, the weirdness has followed him around like an obsessed stalker, leading Mark to consider that another old maxim may be true too, the one that says ‘people are haunted, not places’!
Mark’s personal experiences in this book begin with the scary tale that got his ‘Weird World’ started, his Dad’s chilling ‘Gunpowder Ghost’ story. The stories that follow it are in an approximate chronological order, beginning with his very early spooky boyhood experiences in Surrey, and eventually reaching down westwards to Cornwall, where he currently resides. However, most of the short stories can be read separately, so you can, if you so wish, just randomly dip into the book at any place.
When Mark isn’t doing his own writing, he still loves to read books about the paranormal and the esoteric. In recent months he has been reading work by serious cutting edge researchers like Jacques Vallee, John Keel, and Robbie Graham, and also good old fashioned ghost stories collected by the American author Steve Stockton. Mark likes to keep up to date with the latest research in the paranormal world, so he listens to a few of the better paranormal podcasts. He enjoys a good natter about paranormal topics with his very knowledgeable,  experienced friend, Derek Thomas, or anybody else that is on a similar wave-length!
Mark would like you to know that he does other ‘stuff’ too, his life isn’t all paranormally orientated! He’s quite ‘normal’  most of the time! He plays finger-style acoustic guitar, he listens to many different genres of music, (but admits to a slight addiction to the music of Mike Nesmith).  He reads biographies, he rides his bike down Cornish country lanes, he watches dark Scandinavian crime dramas, and he still likes to find time to go back to his roots in the Surrey Hills occasionally, to do a little fishing and just wander around the local hills and woods.
He is currently working on a collection of witness testimonies to strange paranormal phenomena in Cornwall, which he hopes will be published by the spring of 2019. Thank-you.




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  1. Hi Mark,
    I was contacted by a woman who read my book and wanted to pass on the info contained in your book regarding the “sketchy man”.
    Apparently she indicated your description matched that described in my book “no earthly idea…”.
    If you can find the time please visit my website http://www.noearthlyidea.com and read the description posted in the blog section. I’d love your thoughts (I’m not promoting anything here 🙂 )

    Diane Zeman

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