Bashing the poor!

From a Facebook Rant this morning, (29th March, 2015), in response to one too many ‘poor bashing’ Facebook statuses and cartoons, it was a little rushed and straight from the heart, but I stand by it all……..

Some of the posts/comments that I have had the misfortune to read on Facebook make me despair of human nature, and their lack of intelligence. I’m particularly referring to all the ‘poor bashing’ that goes on by all those brain-washed by the likes of the ‘Daily Mail’, ‘the Sun’ and all those Ch4 benefit ‘scrounger’ hit-pieces.

These constant ‘documentaries’ showing the unwashed, satellite T.V. watching, cigarette smoking, drug-taking, ‘feckless’ poor, spending ‘all of our hard-earned tax money’, (deliberate italics), do NOT truly represent the underclass/working class that has been created/extended by ALL of the big 3 parties over these last 30 plus years.

What would you prefer? Perhaps you would like to see them all living in concentration camps? Out of sight out of mind. I’m all right Jack, let’s pull the ladder up. “Let them eat cake”. But why stop there? Why not just shoot them and save all of “your hard earned tax money”? (If you hold these views then you are a border-line Nazi and you can remove yourself from my friends list, and good riddance).

These irritating propaganda hit-piece programmes, (always presented by the  ‘usual suspects’ fuckwit  actors),  are produced and funded by elitists to keep us arguing amongst ourselves. Divide and rule. Simple. Their thinking is that if we are pointing at the poor and blaming them for all our woes then we won’t be watching them, for it is they who are the real problem.  The real benefit scroungers are those at the top who award themselves obscene salaries, those who have financial interests in the military industrial complex, Monsanto and the like, those who profit from deaths caused by our (successive) government foreign and domestic policies, and our murderous wholesale slaughter weaponry, and let’s not forget those who take our public money to travel the world to be bowed and curtsied to by uneducated, unthinking moronic masses elsewhere in the old ‘colonies’.

It is NOT the single mother, the sick ,or the disabled who are to blame. If you are picking on the weak, you are picking on the wrong target. Try getting your news, your views and your opinions from outside of the establishment’s very biased media. Go Independent! There’s plenty of unbiased, quality journalism on the internet for those prepared to look! Most of these people that you label as ‘benefit scroungers’, (human beings by the way just like you), have had little or no opportunity in life to ‘get on’ like you and I  did, due to, among many other reasons, a poorly funded state education system which has created people who can barely say more than ‘innit”. “Innit?” They have deliberately created a generation of unthinking wage slaves, without the education required to question authority, and a steady stream of willing recruits to be cannon fodder in their endless corporate, economic wars, (that of course they always sell to you as ‘righteous wars’ to ‘bring freedom’).

We as a society have created these people that some of you label as ‘benefit scroungers’, and their hopeless situation, precisely because some of you buy in to all that poor bashing and continue to vote for useless, scrounging, greedy, free loading politicians who don’t give a rat’s arse for anybody else. Just remember that it could be YOU one day, if you fall on hard times, that is labelled as a ‘benefit scrounger’ by the same unthinking sheep-like moron mentality.

Perhaps Iris Dement expresses it better than me in her song…”Living in the wasteland of the free.” A song about American social injustice that equally refers to modern day Britain….
“Living in the wasteland of the free
where the poor have now become the enemy
Let’s blame our troubles on the weak ones
Sounds like some kind of Hitler remedy to me
Living in the wasteland of the free”.



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All written work by Mark Anthony Wyatt, Bude, Cornwall. March 29th, 2015.

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