Meet Cathy Cassidy….Oh, and sailor Bill too!

Many of you out there will already know of Cathy Cassidy.   If not, please read on and then go to her web-site

She’s a popular, well respected, top selling author/illustrator and she writes mostly for teens and pre-teens. She was once a primary and secondary school art teacher, and was also the ‘agony aunt’ for teen magazine ‘SHOUT’ for 12 years. She is the author of 24 books, and is best known perhaps for her ‘Chocolate Box Girls’ books; her new book, ‘Looking Glass Girl’,  (a modern take on ‘Alice in Wonderland’), has just been published.

Cathy with pen poised!





She also has very fine taste in music in my opinion, (anybody who likes Woody Guthrie is alright by me!) She is married, to Liam, and their two children, Caitlin and Calum Gilligan, are both talented young solo musicians on the folk circuit. Caitlin also sings and writes with her partner Lee Parry, who go by the name of ‘Finch and the Moon’. ( Hear them at Please check out their lovely music! (See my ‘Youtube’ link below).


I first ‘met’ Cathy ‘on-line’ a couple of years back, via my brother Malcolm. (, a fellow Blogger.

Malcolm, having two young girls himself  who love Cathy’s stories, had the advantage on me initially in that he knew of Cathy.  I have to confess, that my daughter, being a lot older than his two girls, and far more likely to be reading a grimy, dark Nordic crime thriller, that I did not! But since then many parents have told me that their kids love Cathy’s stories too.  Cathy is also a political/social activist and has recently been doing lots of valuable work in the north west of England, where she has been campaigning to save our libraries from being cut by the Tory government/councils.
Sailor Bill, well in to his 50s by now and a little limp, it must be his age!

So why am I telling you all about Cathy you may be wondering? Well, some time ago she asked a few ‘grown-ups’ that she knew, (yes, she asked me too, I’ve no idea why, ha, ha), to write down a few words about their childhood teddy bears…… if they should still have them. I quickly scribbled down a few thoughts on mine, (there’s not one insult or swear word in it, so I do hope that my regular readers won’t be too offended. Don’t worry I’m not going down with anything, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.) Anyway, I sent my scribblings off to Cathy, never really expecting to hear any more about them.  But Cathy surprised me last week when she sent me a link showing my piece published in her popular ‘Dreamcatcher’ blog. I was very flattered, thank you Cathy! Well the secrets out now, little girls all over the world will now know that some old geezer from Cornwall, (trust me, to a teenage girl even a bloke in his 20s is ancient) has still got his teddy bear…….. and that it still answers to the name of ‘sailor Bill’! Please click on the following link to see my little story about sailor Bill………..

Please click on this link to go to Cathy’s website Blog and read about Sailor Bill…..Cathy Cassidy: Dreamcatcher : THIS OLD BEAR…

Constructive comments below are very welcomed. Glowing praise even more so. It’s how I know that you have been here. Offers of highly paid writing gigs, though unlikely, would be lovely too. 

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