Orwell got it right


Were we ever a land of fair play, decency and cricket, of opportunities for ALL? Probably not, but it seems we’re now forever at America’s beck and CALL. Big business castrated our leaders; they’ve no longer got BALLS,  it’s our very own decline and FALL!

Many of our younger generation are in real DESPAIR,  the jobs and training for their futures just aren’t THERE. They’ll send them off to fight for ‘Queen and country’, to get maimed or DIE,  in greedy corporate conflicts overseas,  all based on LIES.

The mainstream media are guilty of COLLUSION, I’ve long since come to that CONCLUSION, they point their fingers and tell us who to BLAME, it’s a world-wide propaganda and chess GAME.

Our government tells us, with such fake SINCERITY,   ‘Tighten your belts, we’re all in this together, in a state of AUSTERITY’. But it’s funny how the money’s always there when they want another WAR.

It’s time we grew up and stopped consenting to their endless  WARS; I don’t want to see no bombed- broken- BABIES, or decapitated LADIES on my news-feed no MORE! Our leaders blindly follow the U.S. corporate AGENDA; their military bases around the world should all be marked ‘Not required any more, return to sender!’

dan dare
Well it’s not that far off is it?

Our UK coppers now dress like ‘Dan DARE’,  they ‘kettle’ us and act like robots with no semblance of human CARE. Armed to the teeth, SPOILING FOR A FIGHT, they always think might is RIGHT’. This is not ‘the British way’; it’s our darkest NIGHT, it’s a US Import like MacDonald’s, ‘C.S.I. Miami’ and G.C.H.Q. eaves-dropping SITES.

Well at least he he got that right.

They are taking away your right to protest, and restricting what you say in the name of ‘TERROR’, George Orwell got it right, only the date he gave was an ERROR. We are sleepwalking towards a police STATE,  if you don’t start resisting soon, it will be too LATE!

Written by Mark Anthony Wyatt

(between 2007 and 2015.)


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